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3DPrinting is the first step of your idea into the real world, so it is very important to choose the right machine for the job. Failing to do so, can cause some issues down the road. As of today the perfect, do it all 3DPrinter does not exist yet. Some machine can print lots of volume, but the quality will not be the best, some other can print at great quality, but it will be very slow or print very high quality and very fast but have limitations with the geometries that can be printed. At Starwax we will 3D-print your models using the highest grade machines that are available:

star.png3DSystems MJP3600 ;
star.pngSolidscape MAX2;
star.pngEnvisiontec Desktop and Prefactory;

So no matter what your Jewelry needs are we got you covered. With the experience that we acquired during the years dealing with jewelers, we noticed that the following are the most common factors that influence the choice of the machine, and how each machine is rated to each factor:

 3DSystems MJP3600Solidscape Max2Envisiontec
Turnaround timeratingfivestar.pngratingthreestar.pngratingfourstar.png
Surface Qualityratingthreestar.pngratingfourstar.pngratingfivestar.png
Small Featuresratingfourstar.pngratingfivestar.pngratingthreestar.png
Geometrical Freedomratingfivestar.pngratingthreestar.pngratingfourstar.png
Easy Shippingratingthreestar.pngratingthreestar.pngratingfivestar.png
Best Priceratingfivestar.pngratingthreestar.pngratingfourstar.png