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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here you can find a collection of the typical questions that we receive almost on daily base. If you don't find the answer to your question, feel free to get in touch with us to have your questions answered.

A: Within 3 business days your CAD design is ready and you will be receiving a screen shot for evaluation.

A: Once the design is finished, it's your intellectual property, therefore, we will not show share or make any use of it without your authorization.

A: Once the CAD is completed according to the specification that has been provided to us, any further midification will require a fee.

A: Your model can be printed on one of the following machine:3DSystems MJP3600W MAX, Solidscape MAX2, envisiontec prefactory

A: If you choose to print using the 3DSystems or the Envisiontec, your wax will be ready for shipping by the next business day. With additional fee, we can provide you same day shipping. On the other hand, if you choose to print with Solidscape, there is no guarantee on the timing.

A: The cost will depend on the printing volume on 3DSystems and Envisiontec, while on Solidscape the cost is based on the hours that takes to print a model. Just to give a rough idea, an average size engegment ring is in the range of $10-15 on 3Dsystems and about $15-20 on envisiontec.

A: Thanks to our careful packadgiong, this event is pretty rare, but in the case that you receive a wax that got damaged during the shipment, just send us pictures, and let us know if you want to re-preint or if you want a refund.

A: We strongly recomend to don't try anything such as adding carving engraving or modifications of any sort. The waxes are extremelly fragile and not suited to be handled other than put them on a tree for casting.

A: We do not store customer models. Once a model is printed and shipped, the model is permanentely deleted.

A: This question is more about personal preferences than technical. To make some general guideline I would say that:
if you want to have a cheap, fast, easy to cast and any geometry print then 3DSystems will be the best choice, but quality will not be the best.
if you want to have high quality easy castability and print any geometry, then Solidscape will be the best choice, but speed will not be the best
if you want to have high quality and fast turnaround, then Envisiontec will be the best choice, but Can not print all the geometries and is not castable in certain metals.

A: Typically no, only exception is if you send us mold so we can shoot the wax. Reason is that castings some times can fail, and if we can not replicate the wax we can't recast.

A: Yes we do, unless otherwise requested the standard will be 950 Iridium. We can cast even the platinum-ruthenium blend.

A: With gold we can provide you 10,14,18,19 and 22 Carat, and as far as colors we do white, Yellow, Royal Yellow, Pink and Green.

A: Depending on the metal that you want to cast the charging fee will be different. as a general idea you can have a fast quote in the casting page, where you can have an instant quote of each meatal cost.

A: We Ship trough FedEX, but arrangments can be done if you have an account with other carriers. If you want us to ship with a carrier different than FedEX, you will have to provide us the shipping label and make all the arrangments.

A: By deafault we ship our orders insured at the value of the invoice. In the case you don't want the packadge to be insured, you have to notfy us trough email, asking to ship the packadge without insurance. Be aware that in this case, we will not be responsible for anything that happen to the packadge after it leaves our location.

A: As soon as your order is shipped, we will email you the tracking number, so you can check on the status of your shipment.